Episode 9: That… is ill advised

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Jeff Goldblum feels your pain

The quote and title of this week’s ep comes from the 2010 movie, The Switch. It’s not meaning-of-life stuff, but a pleasant jammies-all-day, cold-pizza-for-breakfast watch nonetheless.

The official name of The Grampians is Grampians National Park. The name given by its traditional owners, the Jardwadjali people, is Gariwerd. I took a mass of pix on this trip, like I always do, but here are just a few – and a video of a bunch of loud, pterodactyl-ey cockatoos.

Sound on for the full pterodactyl experience

“Mongolian blue spot” is an informal (and slightly non-PC) term for congenital dermal melanocytosis. The spots are also known as slate gray nevi. Although this story didn’t feature violence, please reach out for help if you suspect someone is being hurt. Here are some useful phone numbers:

White Ribbon Australia (Australia) 

National Domestic Violence Hotline (US)

National Domestic Abuse Helpline (UK)

If you suspect you may be at risk of a romance scam:

Scamwatch (Australia)

Federal Trade Commission (US)

ActionFraud (UK)

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Part 2 by Mezza Arancia

Blue Spot by Bez

Bedtime Stories by Mercedes

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