Episode 2: A bag of mixed lollies

L: Mixed lollies R: milk bar in the ’70s or early ’80s. See the cardboard boxes under the counter? That’s the lollies. And the people behind the counter didn’t think twice about sticking their bare hands inside. And we didn’t think twice about eating the lollies.


What planet was I on? The place you can get a free copy of the Pillow Talking zine is not “Free Zine volcano” but Small Zine Volcano. Ay, ay, ay. Find them here: Small Zine Volcano.

This episode’s stories

Rehearsal by Scarlett A

Moments of Vulnerability by Cassie

Breathless Giggles by Caroline Merton

I Wish I Knew by Anonymous

Of Rings and Hankies by Tamsyn

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