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    Episode 12: Water in the desert

    References and resources Read about the origin of The Beatles’ Yesterday on Udiscovermusic, and hear about it from Sir Paul himself in this sweet little clip on YouTube. Read about the origins of The Rolling Stones’ Satisfaction in this great article from American Songwriter. Want to see some froggies? Of course you want to see some froggies! Check out this vid from the ABC. What’s “Clang clang clang went the trolley, ding ding ding went the bell”? It’s a line from a song in Meet Me in St Louis, sung by the incomparable (though some have tried – looking at you Renee Zellweger!) Judy Garland: The Trolley Song. And speaking…

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    Episode 19: I remember

    References and resources Read John Locke’s An Essay Concerning Humane Understanding Fascinating program from Radio National on the benefits of forgetting: Forgetting, not memory, moves us forward From The Scientific American: Morals, not memories, define who we are This episode’s stories: Interesting Girl by Anonymous Rhythms by Mary Lou Haberman The Audacity of Men by Nomyezo Yes, Babe by Pal

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    Episode 18: Twenty-one

    References and resources The Goon Show is one of my favourite radio programs of all time, if not the favourite, and it’s still a riot. If it was released today as a podcast it would be an absolute hit. Featuring the comic genius of Spike Milligan, Peter Sellers, and Harry Secombe, each episode is a barely-held-together piece of hilarious insanity (partly an insight into the mind of Spike, who created it). The episode I mention in my intro is the first one I ever listened to: Lurgi Strikes Britain. Chasing Charlie is a disturbing but compelling (and relatable, alas) story of how vile conman Charlie cheats women out of their…

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    Bonus episode: Epiphany

    I could send you to the Wikipedia entry for Epiphany celebrations around the world, but why? Here’s a beautiful article from NYT with gorgeous photography showing how it’s celebrated around the world. See you in February 2023, Pillow Talkers!

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    Episode 17: Sanctuary

    References and resources I have many listeners from overseas and I know some of them may be wondering: what are Tim Tams? Tim Tams are, arguably, Australia’s favourite biscuit-cum-confectionary and there’s nothing quite like them in the world, although I’m told that they’re exported to the US and sold as “Arnott’s Originals”, and that in the UK there’s a similar biscuit called a Penguin. (How similar could it be, though? I have friends in the UK that think Tim Tams are a delicacy and I used to send them packages of same.) There was lots that intrigued me about Geoff’s story, but two things stood out. First, the bands he…

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    Episode 16: Who do you think you are?

    References and resources And to think all these years I was thinking that the song Bitch was by Alanis Morissette. Turns out it’s by someone else entirely. Huh. Sorry, Meredith Brooks. Read about Yoel Hoffmann on Wikipedia. And lots of interesting takes on Curriculum Vitae on Goodreads. Trying to get my tongue around Yoruba, the language of Nigeria, for The Dynamics of Love, I learned something fascinating: there are people who speak Yoruba in Brazil. This is hundreds of years after enslaved people from the African nations were taken there. Another fascinating factoid: one of my work colleagues, who’s from Brazil, tells me that the LGBT+ community has its own…

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    Episode 15: Suddenly, strangers

    References and resources Remain in Light remains a brilliant album. And if you’re a music nerd, you’ll hear Brian Eno’s influence all through it. The man in the big suit is, of course, David Byrne. And here he/it is in ridiculous glory: The song in question is Once in A Lifetime. Here’s the original, with The Talking Heads, but I’m also fond of this new version he does live. And in my defence, the peanut butter and pickle sandwich may be weird, but I’m not the only fan. See? The New York Times says so. This episode’s stories The Songbird And Me – A Bedtime Love Story by Paul Steven…

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    Episode 14: Blue

    References and resources I know I’ve shared this vid before, but it’s worth sharing again – so interesting: Why The Ancient Greeks Couldn’t See Blue. The superb fairy-wren (or “superb blue wren” as I called it in this episode), Malurus cyaneus, is native to Australia and is just, well, superb. Check him out (yes, him – only the males are blue) here: Superb fairy-wren Check out this potted history of the colour blue in My Modern Met. Read about Peter Obi, and why young Nigerians are fired up about him, at BBC.com This episode’s stories The Tears of A White Woman by Sally Clinical Blues by Ejiro Elizabeth Edward Crushed…

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    Episode 13: An Unguarded Moment

    Notes Donate a story to Pillow Talking or become a member and contribute a little each month at Buy Me a Coffee Listen to The Unguarded Moment by The Church Listen to Time Is Just A Sham by Marc Teamaker. This episode’s stories Toulouse by Carlo Rey Lacsamana Lamb Chops at 4am by Marc Teamaker The Stroke by Violeta Balhas Mmm-hmmm by Matt McGee Grey Area Interaction by Rachel Dalton of the Wine, Dine and 69 podcast Undergarments of Sorrows and Struggles by Olumide Manuel About our pillow talkers Carlo Rey Lacsamana is a Filipino born and raised in Manila, Philippines. Since 2005, he has been living and working in…

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    Pillow Talking is now a paying market!

    There. I said it all in the title. But there is, of course, more I want to say. If you’ll indulge me a little longer, I’ll quickly cover them off. It’s about fairness and gratitude I believe in paying the writer. I always have done, and speaking for myself, I have never written for the byline, or “for credits”. (I have written a handful of pieces pro bono for causes I believe in. That’s different – at least to me.) It’s something I have always intended to do with Pillow Talking, because the storytellers’ ability to bring us into their most private of worlds, and show us life and truth…