Pillow Talking is now a paying market!

There. I said it all in the title.

But there is, of course, more I want to say. If you’ll indulge me a little longer, I’ll quickly cover them off.

It’s about fairness and gratitude

I believe in paying the writer. I always have done, and speaking for myself, I have never written for the byline, or “for credits”. (I have written a handful of pieces pro bono for causes I believe in. That’s different – at least to me.) It’s something I have always intended to do with Pillow Talking, because the storytellers’ ability to bring us into their most private of worlds, and show us life and truth and relationships through their eyes, deserves compensation.

I am also incredibly grateful. Like I’ve said, over and over again, this podcast wouldn’t exist without people choosing to share their intimate conversations. 

At the same time…

It’s not enough

I know it’s not. Given my druthers, I’d be paying contributors at least $2 a word, but right now I can’t. As you know if you’re a listener, I don’t advertise, so I don’t make any money from Pillow Talking. In fact, I have ongoing production costs that are never covered. This means that I’ll paying for the stories myself – at least to begin with.

This brings up the issue of monetising the podcast, which is a whole thing. Although there are entire industries devoted to selling the idea that you should monetise everything you love and/or are good at doing, this isn’t something I believe any more. (Apologies to my children, yet again, this time for selling them a version of this all the time they were growing up.) I’m also in the privileged position of not having to make money from Pillow Talking. I would, however, very much like to cover my outgoings, so will be doing my damnedest to cover them to the tune of $2 a word. One day.

It’s your turn

Help me out! There are a few things you can do to help me pay the contributors and keep growing Pillow Talking.

Share, share, share.

This is by far the most-bang-for-smallest effort thing you can do to help. If you love Pillow Talking, if it’s made you think or feel or laugh, please share it with your friends, with fellow storytellers, with your family, on social media, on your own website or podcast, on the rooftops… you get the idea. Just share.

Support with $$$

Whether you see yourself as a patron of the arts, an associate producer, or a good egg who’s happy to contribute a few bucks, you can buy a story at @ . Apart from the general warm fuzzies, there are perks!

Tell your story

Without stories, there is no Pillow Talking. Each story is important. Each story adds a thread to the fabric of the human existence, which – since we can’t literally step into each other’s experience – can only be shared through stories. Plus, I get a big kick out of each one. Submit your story here.